October 1st 2021 #Agenda

Five key strategies to help you respond to the new retail reality

The pandemic has changed everything: behaviours that shifted during lockdown are set to remain intact over the long term.

We've witnessed triple-digit growth in the e-commerce sector and a surge in hybrid shopping, which consumers embraced in the early stages of Covid. As the dust settles and a new normal emerges, it's critical that both brands and retailers optimize store performance, measurably increase personalization, improve media efficiency and drive incremental sales to grasp opportunities and manage the threats that lie ahead.

To help retailers and brands win during these uncertain and disruptive times, here are five key strategies to consider when responding to the new retail reality:

1. Brand positioning to remain relevant to shifting shopper expectations
2. The importance of a relevant, value-driven content strategy
3. Tailoring audiences to keep loyalists and attract new shoppers
4. Using first-party data strategies to improve personalization
5. Building a measurement framework that works and informs future decisions