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Catalina's in-store 'printer at till' network

Over 25k colour printers at till are installed in over 125 retailers globally. In the UK and EU, our printer network provides valuable sales to our retailers, averaging a 1 - 2% increase in total turnover with average redemption rates of +10%. Catalina's in-store printer network has been fundamental to our retailer's loyalty programmes, recognised as a key mechanic to drive sales and positively engage customers.

How Catalina’s personalised in-store media hub adds valuable sales for our clients today, effectively increasing customer loyalty and delivering positive ROI

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    Today, providing an engaging personalised multi-channel experience for customers is critical. Catalina's unique in-store printer network provides our clients' customers with an end of purchase personalised offer, encouraging the next visit whilst increasing sales with positive ROI

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    • Increase in-store customer engagement, providing a solution to deliver personalised offers

    • Increase customer value, sales and deliver positive ROI

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