A 360° View From Wherever You’re Standing.

Whether you’re a retailer, CPG brand, or agency, we’ve got a real-time self-serve solution designed just for you.


A Bird’s-Eye View of Your Brand.

Get a top-down, all-angles perspective of your brand performance with an all-in-one portal that allows you to track trends and optimize engagement across multiple touchpoints.


  • Brand Performance & Trends
  • UPC-level Trial & Repeat Insights
  • Brand Affinities and Demographics
HUB360 Retail

See The Big Box Picture.

Get a 360-degree view of your store performance with an all-in-one portal that allows you to analyze and understand audience behaviors before, during and after your campaigns.


  • View KPIs within simple, graphic dashboards
  • Know where you stand against market competition
  • See where media dollars should be applied for best returns

Catalina’s “HUB360 is an invaluable tool that delivers the most timely information to navigate this unprecedented retail environment. By accessing up-to-the-minute marketplace intelligence and buyer insights, we can effectively manage our marketing campaigns in real time.”

Michael Shoretz, CEO of Beyond Better Foods

"The efficiency Catalina’s HUB360 offers by providing real time data customized to our brands and categories provides a unique vantage point into our competitive set outside of the standard category definitions to best identify our most profitable share and penetration opportunities. This information is especially useful in providing early insights when tracking new item launches, before other traditional data sources like panel data become available."

Jenny Thielen | Shopper Marketing Manager, Grocery & National | RXBAR, Insurgent Brands

"Catalina’s HUB360 provides us with the customized insights we need to gain a deeper understanding of our performance and optimize media spend."

Ben Sussna | Head of Marketing at Quorn Foods

"With HUB360, we can zero in on only the categories most relevant to us, so the insights we receive allow us to pinpoint where to focus our efforts and plan more effectively."

Greg Klein | Chief Marketing Officer | Lakeview Farms

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