Media & Activation
IN-STORE NETWORK Hit The Brick & Mortar

With the world’s largest in-store media network, Catalina reaches 50 million CPG shoppers each day. At an unparalleled 80 percent readership rate and up to 25 percent redemption rate, in-store coupons are one of the many ways Catalina drives loyalty with your most important shoppers.


Disrupt the shopper journey and get noticed with fourth-screen in-store media:

  • Digital Insights: Precision targeting utilizing shopper behaviors, location attributes, and local conditions.
  • Digital Activation: Multi-touch engagement, from awareness to conversion.
  • Digital Measurement: POS attribution at the store and item level for sales, unit, and trip lift.
BUYERVISION Set Your Sights On Sales

The new imperative: Understand and influence buyer behaviors faster. Activate deterministically across channels, CTV desktop and mobile. Close the loop by measuring the impact of your media tied to actual in-store sales.

  • Personalized Engagement
  • Omni-Channel Campaigns
  • Location-Specific Messaging
  • Digital FSI + Wallet Ads
  • Fully Managed In-Flight Optimization
MULTI-CHANNEL MEDIA Synchronized Selling

When you combine in-store and digital media to work in tandem with one another, it’s like an effectiveness multiplier.

Catalina brings an innovative approach to activating shoppers along the path to purchase.

So whether you’re trying to build awareness, inspire consideration or drive conversion, each channel will sing your sales message in harmony with the others.


See our Media & Activation Services solutions in action.


Catalina unveils interactive cough, cold and flu and allergy heat maps

press release

Catalina Launches Interactive Cold & Flu and Allergy Heat Maps to Track Flare-Ups Nationwide


Grocery basket size up, store trips down 6 months into pandemic

Catalina’s Media & Activation solutions give you the power to target individual shoppers on the world’s largest in-store media network.
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